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There is a vast selection of contact lenses available. Contact lenses can be broken down into several main categories based on what they're made of, how often you need to replace them and whether you can sleep in them.

Contact lenses are made of many different types of plastic, but they are divided into two main groups: soft or rigid gas permeable (RGP lenses, now called GP lenses). Soft contacts contain from 25% to 79% water, are easy to adapt to and are quite comfortable. Rigid gas permeable contact lenses take longer to adapt to, but are more durable and more resistant to deposit buildup. They tend to be less expensive over the life of the lens (but the upfront cost is higher) and can offer some people crisper vision than they would have with soft contacts.

The replacement schedule of a contact lens refers to how long you can safely wear it before you need to throw it away. With GP lenses, you generally replace them every couple of years, because they are made of a very durable material (though a prescription change would of course necessitate new lenses).

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